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The videos are intense life-changing biblical teachings on healing and deliverance from spiritual bondage affecting areas of the body, mind, will and emotions.

The goal is that the body of Christ be set free to worship fully and serve the Lord Jesus Christ. Also freedom in the inmost parts from common strongholds that hinder God’s people from fulfilling their God-given destiny and divine potential.

16 subjects with over 30 hours of teaching and four personal one-on-one ministry sessions through SKYPE. Our goal for you to recover from a spirit of infirmity, demonic bondage, demonic strongholds, etc.

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Sixteen Subject Index Teachings and Over 30 hours

Part 1 – Foundation

How to Heal the Broken and Wounded Spirit – Password Protected

Pathway to Health and Pathway to Wholeness through Sanctification – Password Protected

Learn Sin and Spirit World Reality (Demonology 101) – Password Protected

Roman 7 Separation – Password Protected

The Father God Loves You – Password Protected

Part 2 – Principality Issues

The Spirit of Bitterness – Password Protected

The Spirit of Accusation – Password Protection

Occultism, New Age – Password Protection

Envy ad Jealousy – Password Protected

Spirit of Rejection – Password Protected

Part 3 – Principalities Issues

The Unloving Spirit of Self-Hatred – Password Protected

The Spirit of Addictions – Password Protected

The Spirit of Fear, Stress and Physiology  – Password Protected

Door Points to Trauma – Password Protected

Part 4 – After Freedom

Seven Steps to Sin

Walkout to Healing – Password Protected

Blocks to Healing

Eight Steps to Healing (this will take you to another website)

Part 5 Other Teachings Not Password Protected

Exposing the Ascended Masters

Exposing Kundalini Awakening