What is Vibration Medicine

What is Vibration Medicine

What is Vibrational Medicine?

Vibrational medicine:  The expressions “energy healing,” “energy work,” and “energetic healing work” appear synonymous with “vibrational medicine.” Healing philosophy whose main tenet is that humans are “dynamic energy systems” (“body/mind/spirit” complexes) and reflect evolutionary patterns of soul growth. Its postulates include the following. (a ) Health and illness originate in subtle energy systems. (b) These systems coordinate the life-force and the physical body. (c) Emotions, spirituality, and nutritional and environmental factors affect the subtle energy systems. Vibrational medicine embraces the following types if medicine:

  • acupuncture,
  • aromatherapy,
  • Bach flower therapy,
  • chakra rebalancing,
  • channeling,
  • color therapy,
  • crystal healing,
  • absent healing,
  • electroacupuncture,
  • flower essence therapy,
  • homeopathy,
  • Kirilian photography,
  • laserpuncture,
  • meridian therapy,
  • mesmerism,
  • moxibustion,
  • Past-life Regression,
  • Polarity Therapy,
  • psychic healing,
  • psychic surgery,
  • Reiki,
  • sonopuncture,
  • Toning,
  • Transcendental Meditation, and
  • Therapeutic Touch

These type of healing modalities are based on occult practices. It is bypassing the curse and going to the lessor when God is the creator of all things. He sent his son to die on the cross. While Jesus was on earth, He healed many people. He gave the disciples the same gift. God does not need our help when it comes to healing. God is all powerful and so is Jesus.

Why do people not get healed? There are blocks to healing. There are conditions to healing.