Christian Overcomer Inspirational Speaker

A Christian Overcomer Inspirational Speaker

Traci Morin is a Christian overcome inspirational speaker. She shares her story in how she overcame adversities God’s way. Traci speaks at different events:

  • Church Programs
  • Women’s Retreats or Banquets
  • Special Events
  • Healing and deliverance Seminars at churches
  • Training in healing and deliverance

After you hear Traci’s story, your members will leave feeling inspired and motivated with hope to face difficult situations. As the scripture says, “All things are possible with God.”

Philippians 4:13 “13 I can do all things through Christ[a] who strengthens me.”


Her mission is to show others how to overcome all the adversities life throws at you by applying God’s Word. Traci shares her life experiences of sexual abuse as a child. Even the doctors diagnosed her with learning disabilities.

The doctor’s told my mom that I would never be in a regular school. I proved them all wrong. With all the odds against me, I defied all odds and proved everyone wrong. They didn’t understand how trauma I received can shut a child down and mimic issues. I even overcame 13 diseases because of my issues earlier in life.

When you hear her tell her story, you will laugh and cry and feel encouraged to trust in the Lord in all things during the worst adversities.

Give her a call to hear this inspirational Christian speaker.

Speaker Topics:

A Resilient Life is a journey overcoming abuse and learning disabilities.
Exposing Human Sex Trafficking in Dallas/Fort Worth area and around the world.
Learn spiritual roots of disease

Ordained minister that has an understanding of healing and deliverance, traumatic events that set you up for the disease.


  • Healing and Deliverance Training Manual (over 400 pages)
  • Healing and Deliverance Seminar Course Manual
  • Spiritual Warfare Prayers Over Your Family
  • Working on “The Invisible World”


Interviewed live by Gyrl Talk Live – the series issues of Human Trafficking in Dallas/Fort Worth

Traci Morin