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Scriptures on Evil Spirits

Evil Spirits Identified In Scripture

Old Testament
Jealous spirit Numbers 5:14

Different spirit Numbers 14:24

Sorrowful spirit I Samuel 1:15

Evil spirit 1 Samuel 16:14-23

Lying spirit 1 Kings 22:22

Spirit of Cyrus (King of Persia) 2 Chron 36:22, Ezk 1:1

Broken spirit Proverbs 17:22

Wounded spirit Proverbs 18:14

Hauty spirit (defiant/rebellious) Ecclesiates 7:8

Spirit of Egypt Isaiah 19:3

Spirit of deep sleep Isaiah 29:10

Destroying spirit Jeremiah 51:1

Spirit of the kings of Medes Jeremiah 51:11

One’s own spirit/human spirit Ezekiel 13:3

Spirit of harlotry Hosea 4:12/5:3

Spirit of falsehood Micah 2:11

Unclean spirit Zechariah 13:2

New Testament
Spirit of unclean demon Luke 4:33

Foul spirit/deaf and dumb spirit Mark 9:25

Spirit of infirmity Luke 13:11

Spirit of divination Acts 16:16

Evil spirit Acts 19:15-16

Spirit of lust Romans 1:24

Spirit of bondage Romans 8:15

Spirit of slumber Romans 8:11

Spirit of man 1 Corinthians 2:11

Spirit of the world 1 Corinthians 2:12

Demonic spirit 1 Corinthians 10:20-21

Spirit working in children of disobedience Eph. 2:2

Spirit of the devil Ephesians 6:11-12

Spirit of fear 1 Timothy 1:7

Seducing spirit (deceiving) 1 Timothy 4:1

Spirit of antichrist 1 John 4:3

Spirit of error 1 John 4:6

The disciples were told to exercise their authority of demons, sickness and even death! Matt 10:1-8

The “70” (representative of all Christians) are sent out with authority and marvel that even the spirits are subject unto them. Luke 10:1, 8, 9 17-19

Believers are given anointing for discerning the spirits. I John 2:20,27

We are shown how spirits not of God can be indentified. I John 4:1-3

We can tear down strongholds built in the mind by the enemy. Our weapons are spiritual and mighty through God. 2 Corinthians 10:3-5

It is FAITH’s shield that resists the demons fiery darts. Ephesians 6:16

We are warned not to rejoice in the power that has been given to us but rather to rejoice in our identity in Christ. Luke 10:20-24

The Holy Spirit has been sent to lead us and to guide us into all truth. John 16:13

Holy presence and power is revealed when the enemy is shattered. Psalms 18:37-42

Jesus commissioned believers to `cast our devils in His Name’ Mark 16:17

Evil spirits most often responsible for sickness and disease. Luke 8:2, Luke 13:11

Demon oppression is demons in the soul, flesh or attached to a life. Psalms 116, Acts 10:38

The One who abides in us is greater than the “strongman” (1 John 4:4) and we are commisioned to bind Satan. Matt 12:29, Luke 11:22

Resist the devil…stand firm in your faith. 1 Peter 5:9

You have got to cast down demonic images in your life that contradict the word of God in what he said about you.

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