As you may or may not know, I went through a lot of traumatic events in my life that crippled my life in several aspects of life.

● It’s been on my heart for a number of years to help professional Christian women 30+ overcome anxiety.💔

Probably because that was me. 💯

I went through very painful issues at work because of anxiety from trauma in my childhood. I went searching and struggling to finally break free from the chains that were holding me down, and to begin to walk in abundant life and joy like never before…

So, I’m finally doing something about it now since I am retired and have the time! 🙌

And I’m actually writing a book and putting together an extensive program to help Christian Professional Women Suffering from Anxiety in the Workplace to get free and fulfill their purpose.

And before I get too far down the tracks with this “passion project”, I want to get some honest feedback on a few of the ideas…

So, if you’re a Professional Working Woman suffering from anxiety in the Workplace, would you be willing to do me a HUGE favor??? Only people in the USA and Canada at this time.

I will call you by phone and it will only take 10 to 15 minutes with you.

It’s just a few questions and it’s of course totally confidential. ✅

If this is something you could help me out with, it would mean the world to me! 💛

Either way, thank you so much for your prayers and support!

Thank you, Traci Morin

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Also creating a new group called Overcoming Adversity to a Victorious Life Community Support Group!


Learn more about this private facebook group. We come together weekly like family to pray together over needs.