List of Addictions that people suffer with

Some forms of addictions are:

  • Drug addiction
  • internet addiction or technology addictions
  • social media addictions
  • porn addiction
  • video game addiction
  • sex addiction
  • alcohol addiction
  • gambling addiction release dopamine to feel better – get a high
  • pornography addiction
  • love addiction
  • food addiction such as sweets or carbohydrates which turns to alcohol
  • masturbation addiction
  • sexual addiction
  • sugar addiction turns to alcohol
  • prescription painkiller addiction
  • heroin addiction
  • exercise addiction
  • illegal drug cocaine addiction
  • Facebook addiction
  • email addiction
  • illegal drug meth addiction
  • tanning addiction
  • illegal drug marijuana addiction
  • addiction in fetish
  • television addiction
  • computer addiction
  • behavioral addiction towards people
  • internet game addiction
  • coffee addiction
  • legal drug xanax addiction
  • work alcoholic addiction
  • shopping addiction

It flushes the body with chemicals such as dopamine, serotonin, or even adrenaline, depending on the activity.

Other problems it causes besides addictions includes sleep deprivation, noticeable degradation of brain functions and structure (gray matter atrophy, reduced cortical thickness, loss of processing efficiency, compromised white matter integrity), social isolation, and a decrease in productivity, among other issues.