stop psychic intrusion attacks spiritual warfare prayers

stop psychic intrusion attacks spiritual warfare prayers

How to Know if Under Psychic Intrusion?

You are a Christian and you feel as though you are under psychic attacks? Check out the symptoms of psychic attacks, and if you have at least five symptoms going on and don’t have mental or physical issues going on, you may be under psychic intrusion attacks.

Psychic and spiritual attacks come from several sources. They may be coming from people you know or don’t know. They may be targeting you for a number of reasons. Those into witchcraft, Wicca, etc. believe they can do revenge on others if they have been hurt by the person.

How do they do it? When they want revenge against you, they will use several things to come at you. One, they may use a wax figure or voodoo doll, and summons against you torment. Second, they may try to get your hair, fingernail clippings or get an object of clothing or object you have handled. They will do potions, hexes, vexes, incantations in a form of a ritual or chant against you. They want revenge against you.

You must understand that nothing can harm you or invade you without your permission. In Proverbs 26:2 says a curse causeless cannot come. You may feel you deserve it. Watch your heart and make sure, if you know who it is, you don’t have bitterness towards them. Third, they love to throw fear at you. Fear is the biggest thing that holds people into bondage. If you are receiving attacks and go into fear, stand on the Word of God that “No Weapon Can Form Against You.” Make sure, if you are participating with sin, to ask for God’s forgiveness. When I get under attack, I will laugh at the spirits and praise the Lord for the Lord’s protection.

Another thing to examine is to have you bought anything that is not pleasing to God or accepted something from another person that may have a curse on it? Check it out.

Make sure you are forgiving those who are attacking and casting the demonic psychic attacks to the dry places and not back to them. Otherwise, if you are sending it back to the sender, then you are also doing witchcraft prayers.

Symptoms of Psychic Intrusion

Symptom check
Characteristic dreams;  A feeling of heaviness or weight upon the chest; Actual bruising and/or scratches upon waking. Seeing your attacker in a devilish way
Hallucinations; Literally seeing walls or furnishings breathing or undulating; Paintings appearing to come to life; Images appearing in mirrors.
Unusual pet related incidents such as chasing invisible objects, or fixation on a particular area; Fear, trembling and shaking without probable cause.
Have the feeling that you are being watched constantly
An oppressive atmosphere; Cold spots in areas that are usually warm.
Plant life withering and/or dying — not related to human error or environmental imbalances.
Infestation of insects — of some species, usually cockroaches, ants, flies, or spiders.
Dangerous happenings or “close calls”.
Chronic Physical and Psychological Exhaustion; Mental/Emotional Breakdown.
Evil Odors characterized by the smell of decomposing flesh or sulfur; Precipitation of slime.
Audible sound manifestations such as the astral bell, whispers, laughter, moans, creaks, singing, etc…
Outbreaks of Fire; Objects moving; Appliances, lights, computers, and the like that appear to turn on and off by themselves.
Headaches whose symptoms resemble migraines; generally located in only one of the quarters of the victim’s head and traditional medicine does not alleviate them.
Floating balls of light; Shadowy figures standing in doorways, sitting on furniture, or passing through walls; Feeling and seeing actual movement of a being as if sitting down on a sofa, chair, or bed.
The feeling that someone is breathing on your neck or brushing against your skin; Goosebumps that suddenly appear for no apparent reason; Unusual pain in the abdominal area, the gut — solar plexus.
 A wasting disease, unexplained pain
  Feeling being manipulated by some other consciousness.
  Sudden financial and other material losses.
 Loss of memory, confusion

Things to Rule Out First:

Alcohol and chemical addictions
Pathogenic conditions
Mental conditions,
stress, duress,
Fatigue after eight hours of sleep
phobias, and self-defeating personality.
is cyber-space intrusions

If you feel you are under psychic intrusion attack, click on the link and follow the directions – Touch of God Ministries can help you get free.