new age medicine hair and saliva testing

new age medicine hair and saliva testing

Why Hair and Saliva Testing Considered Occult

Hair and saliva analysis may refer to the chemical analysis of a hair sample, but can also refer to microscopic analysis or comparison. Chemical hair analysis may be considered for retrospective purposes when blood and urine are no longer expected to contain a particular contaminant, typically three months or less. Its most widely accepted use is in the fields of forensic toxicology and, increasingly, environmental toxicology.

The witchcraft way, the witches believe that most fluids that come from our bodies are said to have supernatural properties that have the ability to ward off evil and may protect us from danger.

Some witches believe that spitting gives good luck and fortune. It’s often used in rituals to ward off demons and evil spirits. We talked a bit about The Omen of Curses and Jinxes in the past and some of the horrific things that have happened.

Methods of discernment if fit for Christians or Not

Hair analysis is a test in which a sample of a person’s hair—typically from the back of the neck—is sent to a laboratory for measurement of its mineral content. This type of analysis used by chiropractors, “nutrition consultants,” physicians who do chelation therapy, and other misguided practitioners who claim that hair analyses can help them diagnose a wide variety of health problems and can be used as the basis for prescribing supplements.

Who was the founder of this modality or what culture did it come out of?

Established in 1936 as Great Smokies Diagnostic Laboratory. In witchcraft, it has been used for centuries. Probably originated in Africa.

What was his/her spirituality, their god or gods?

Some are into the new age, some are into occult and some are just deceived.

How does it claim to work and their beliefs in the practice?

By analyzing your spit or hair samples to diagnose diseases, or look at what you are lacking for suppliments.

What is the occult potential?

It is just not a reliable source for diagnosing diseases or other issues. In the witchcraft way, it is very much an occult practice because some witches use hair and spit for spell casting on someone. Some believe there is healing power in spit. Some believe you can read someone’s fortune through spit. All these practices are an abomination to God when it comes using spit or hair for spells or reading someone’s fortune. You are using psychic powers (help of demons) even if used for good.

The Biblical / Christian Evaluation / Scriptures

Hair analysis is not reliable for evaluating the nutritional status of individuals. They may diagnose and get you to buy a lot of vitamins. They are not taking you to the root of the problem.

It is new age medicine and can be costly.