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Growing In Moral Excellence

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Growing In Moral Excellence Leadership Classes

Moral Excellence – Private victories are foundations for a public ministry

Why this class! Have you ever been around ministers, prophets, preachers, evangelists and got a check about them but did not know why? It could be they have secret personal sin. I knew a prophetess who seemed Godly but was flowing in divination.

Also, a place to practice your giftings or learn about your giftings.

We want to help those grow into their ministries by using their God-given gifts with moral excellence. Learn the importance of making right choices creating individual victories that build your spiritual man. These are key ingredients for long-term success in the kingdom. A safe place to exercise your giftings during prayer time.

The bigger your spirit man is, the more others can trust you and believe when you speak. We also want to build confidence so that you experience less stress, anxiety, feeling the pressure to perform, and success. Developing our spiritual man with moral excellence is essential if you feel called into the ministry. They both go together to have long-term success.

We meet twice a month at my house, and we do the following:

  • We eat together (I cook meals)
  • Discuss lesson (everyone takes turn teaching)
  • Pray general prayers together over our nation, the church, etc.
  • Personal ministry time (everyone contributes) – this is a time to practice using your gifting to become more confident. The more you use your gifts of the Lord, the more you develop them.

We have an open discussion over the lessons.

What are personal private victories? Personal private victories are personal and relate to you as a person. It is pro-active is the opposite of being reactive. Both are active and stopping the inner impulse inside yourself by killing the flesh, sanctification. Read the Character of a Teacher by Prophet, John Paul Jackson.

It takes people with godly character and habits to serve in the kingdom of God. That means taking steps to build your moral character – a doer of God’s Word and practice what they preach. It consists of studying the word, praying and making a history of right choices – hidden victories that make sure success in ministry.

The gifts from God come without repentance, but if you are highly anointed but lack character, there will be disheartening results.

Learn about the attitudes to watch for when going into ministry what we call the ten “M’s of Ministry by Bill Hammond.” If you are unaware, the enemy will trick you, people will hurt you, and people will discredit you. How do you act and not react? We must die, and the Lord must increase (holy spirit).

If you are interested in attending these classes, please email me at traci@touchofgod.net. Thank you.

John Paul Jackson, The Character of a Teacher

Excellence in Integrity by Daystar

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