Black Magic is the Dark Side – Exposing Black Magic

There are ONLY two sources of power in the universe. One, is God and the other is Satan. God is the side of life and Satan’s side is death and his demons.

The Origin of Black Magic: The history of curses varies between cultures, locations, religions or beliefs, and times.

Purpose of Black Magic: The intention of black magic is to bring about a specific hardship upon the targeted person; examples of this would include poor health (e.g. disease, blindness), the loss of a relationship (e.g. a lover), financial or material poverty (e.g. bankruptcy), or demotion from a position of prestige (e.g. losing a job).

Why Would Someone Want to Use Black Magic: The motivation for using black magic is often malicious in nature, as the user is frequently driven by ill-will like a grudge, revenge, or resentment against another person.

Those who practice black magic attempt to tap into the spiritual side. They are taping into the realm of Satan’s kingdom.

With all the supernatural movies and television shows, the are promoting a source power in the universe (e.g. “the force” in Star Wars movies). This power is not from God. The force is a term used with the new age. Satan is the deceiver and has created a great deception before the return of the Lord. Satan does not want you saved.  He wants to deceive humans into accepting that black magic (any supernatural ability not from God). Those who claim to be a “true” or “good” Psychic (or medium, witch, etc.) are either complete frauds or drawing their power from evil spirits.

Black Magic attempts to call upon “forces” of evil, sometimes attempting to manipulate them by means of sacrifices and offerings, seeking to buy their favor and activity.

What are spells exactly?

Spells often taken the form of a spoken word, phrase, or specific verbal formula, which is believed to produce an event in the spiritual realm, in a cause-and-effect relationship.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is about love. Those who hurt you, we are commanded to forgive them, and bless them. Opposite of Satan’s way to destroying other people’s lives.