Spiritual Warfare Family Prayers

Daily family spiritual warfare prayer covering. Using the Word of God to combat against the enemy with arsenal.

This series will give you the wisdom, knowledge, and principles to learn to make your prayer life more effective and see answered prayers and your family protected.  Find out how to save your marriage from divorce, prayers for teenagers in trouble, prayers for parents of teens, praying for your children.

This prayer family manual is in PDF format.

  • Spiritual warfare prayers for young children
  • Spiritual warfare prayers for healing
  • Spiritual warfare prayers for finances
  • Prayers of spiritual warfare prayers in how to pray for your husband
  • Prayers of Spiritual Warfare for protection
  • Spiritual warfare prayers for teenagers (addictions, rebellion, etc.)
  • Spiritual Warfare Prayers for Salvation
  • Spiritual Warfare Prayers for Your Home – housing cleansing prayers
  • Spiritual Warfare Prayers Against Satanic Attacks
  • spiritual warfare prayers for financial breakthrough
  • Prayer points for job seekers


Family Spiritual Warfare Prayer Covering

Family Prayer Index

Why to Pray Scriptures
The Washing of the Heavens

Baby Spiritual Warfare Prayers:

  1. Before Baby is Born Prayers Expected Mom
  2. Dedication Prayer
  3. Loss of Baby from Miscarriage and Healing
  4. Protection from Future Miscarriages
  5. Adoption of Baby Prayer

Children Spiritual Warfare Prayers:

  1. Pray for Protection Before Leaving House
  2. Pray for Their Salvation
  3. Teenagers in Rebellion
  4. Teenagers Addiction (drugs, alcohol, sex)

Marriage Spiritual Warfare Prayers:

  1. Healthy Marriage Prayer Against Marriage
  2. Prayer over Husband or Wife (separation) Spiritual Warfare prayer to stop divorce and restore marriage
  3. Salvation Prayer for Spouse (husband or wife)
  4. Pornography Addictions (spouse)
  5. Father Blessing Prayer
  6. Mother Blessing Prayer
  7. Spiritual Authority Prayer (Husband & Wife)
    Release 41

Daily Spiritual Warfare Prayer Covering over Home

  1. Employment Prayer
  2. Favor Each Day Prayer
  3. Spiritual warfare prayers for finances
  4. Surgery Prayer of Protection and Healing
  5. House Cleansing Prayer
  6. Illness in the Family Prayer
  7. Morning Prayer
  8. New Home Dedication
  9. Breaking Witchcraft Curses Over Family

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