Seminar Course Manual

A scripturally sound healing and deliverance course seminar manual, for those who want to learn how to pray over themselves after the seminar or just want to own a copy.  You will learn how to avoid traps and snares of the enemy and how to close doors to the demonic realm.  Also, covers spiritual roots to disease and how to walk with the Lord’s covering or hedge of protection against diseases.

Attendees will gain valuable knowledge and understanding that is life-changing, as they are empowered to use the divinely powerful weapons of warfare God has given all of us to find freedom and healing.

Index Healing and Deliverance Manual

  1. Healing and Deliverance Manual Guidelines & Foundational Insight Overview
  2. Traci Morin’s story of healing to give hope
  3. Spirit World Reality – Discernment
  4. Summary of Bitterness & Accusation and Deliverance prayers
  5. Summary of Occultism and Deliverance prayers
  6. Summary Rejection and Envy and Jealousy and Deliverance prayers
  7. Summary Unloving Spirit and Addictions and Deliverance prayers
  8. Summary Spirit of Fear and Deliverance prayers
  9. Summary of Disease and Recovery
  10. Walkout and What is next?

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