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Principality of Bitterness

Part 1 (9:04): Bitterness is a Curse, We are Commanded to Love God, Neighbors and Self. That is the Kingdom of God – Love!

Part 2 (4:04): We are commanded to love, pray, bless and feed our enemies

Part 3 (5:56): Vengency Belongs to the Lod, Binding and Loosing, How Often we should forgive

Part 4a (7:38): Signs of Unforgiveness and Manifestations of Unforgiveness

Part 4b (8:54): Signs of Unforgiveness and Manifestation of Unforgiveness

Part 5 (4:13): How Does Bitterness Come In and Wrong Way to Handle Bitterness

Part 6 (7:49): What is Bitterness

Part 7: Progression of Bitterness (Unforgiveness to Murder)

Part 8 (6:33): Can it keep you from Inheriting the Kingdom of God? Conclusion of Bitterness


The Principality of the Unloving Spirit

Overcoming the Unloving Antichrist Spirit

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Part 2 of 4

Part 3 of 4

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