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Preparation for healing and Deliverance Session

Preparation for Healing and Deliverance Session

Required Videos to Watch Before You Meet With Minister

Twelve (10-7-2) Open doors for Demonic Strongholds Entry Points we deal with in Ministry

A curse causeless cannot come according to Prov. 26:2. As believers, we have a spiritual hedge of protection around us, but in Ecclesiastes 10:8, it becomes evident that we can break a hole in our hedge and be bitten. Learn reasons why the witchcraft attacks to help you identify reasons for legal right to attack:

Ten Open Doors for Demonic Strongholds Entry Points:

  1. Not Honoring Parents/Authority: This is part of the 10 commandments,
  2. Sexual Sins: People you have been with sexually outside of marriage opposite sex or same sex, bestiality, stripper, pornography, masturbation, computer sex, etc. develop soul ties, unclean spirits, possible attack from incubus, soul ties developed
  3. Personal Sins: Habitual sins, strongholds, or worry, rebellion, and you’ve not confessed to God,
  4. Generational Curses (family sins): Most of the time you have to participate to activate generational curses. It is a bent or weakness.
  5. Word Curses (others or self): Works spoken over you by someone that hurt and you sometimes hear those words.
  6. Ungodly Relationships/Inordinate Affections: People who manipulate, control you emotionally and spiritually. Calling evil good.
  7. Covenants, Vows and Judgments: broken covenants, divorce, private vows to God or others, etc.
  8. Traumatic events: rape, molestation, incest, verbal, physical, emotional abuse, sudden and unexpected deaths, loss of positions from weather related, bankruptcy, etc. and manifest as fear manifesting anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, guilt, unclean, etc.
  9. Believing the Enemies Lies: The enemy lying to you about your identity, forgiveness, etc.
  10. Idolatry: anything that is above God. Your job, home, spouse, money, children.

Seven Demonic Root Areas:

Withholding Forgiveness: (God, others or self) – someone hurt you, betrayed you, used you, misused you, rejected you, did not nurture you, love you right, validate you, broken heart, etc.

  1. Accusation: Accusation can go three ways – someone accuses you, you accuse back, you accuse or you accuse God.
  2. Envy/Jealousy: Discontentment, comparing, ill will because of another’s advantages, possessions, covertness, competitiveness, etc.,
  3. Rejection: Real or perceived by parents, siblings, friends church, bosses, etc. – you mail recoil or fight back and accuse.
  4. Self-Hatred:  An intense dislike of oneself. Not taking care of self, drivenness, regrets, self-accusations,
  5. Fear: inherited fear manifest as worry, anxiety, phobias,
  6. Occult Practices/False Religion, False Teachings: been involved in occult or new age (horoscopes, hypnosis, Ouija, Palm Readers, Witchcraft, Martial Arts, Yoga, etc. Involvement with false religions that denied the resurrection power of Jesus Christ – Freemasonry, Hinduism, Buddhism. Bowed down and worship other gods such as mother earth, Santaria, Hindu gods, self, Allah, etc.)

Sins from Others:

Born in witchcraft family or a Bastard’s Curse that goes 10 generations back.


Part 1 (9:04): Bitterness is a Curse, We are Commanded to Love God, Neighbors and Self. That is the Kingdom of God – Love!

Required Videos: Bitterness (2 Videos)

Symptoms of Bitterness and Antidote – if you have problems watching video, click on this link

The Benefits of Forgiveness – If you have problems watching video, please click on link.


Required Videos: Condemnation vs. Conviction –

If you have problems watching this video here, please click on link.

Dealing with Witchcraft Attacks:

Make sure you fill out the Bitterness form and send it to me. Thank you!

Questions and Answers

How can I prepare for my deliverance?

  • You must really want it. Stir up your faith – your part is important
  • Do a house cleaning in the natural. Get rid of all pagan idols, items that spirits can be attached to and
    pornographic materials in your household.
  • Pray, and if possible, fast prior to your deliverance.

How to assist in deliverance?

  • Arrive on time for your deliverance prayer. Wear comfortable clothes. Do not let anything interfere with this
    day in your life!
  • Be completely honest about listing the strongholds in your life in your homework. Details are not important
    (God already knows and those who pray for you are trained and trustworthy). The demonic kingdom needs
    to see that you are serious about this!
  • Do not pray, worship, talk or pray in tongues during deliverance. Words can create a blockage. Simply will,
    in your mind, for the spirits to leave. Agree in your mind with what the minister is praying. Do not hold back
    your emotions or reactions. Many evil spirits are expelled by the mouth. Don’t be embarrassed to cough,
    burp, yawn, sigh, scream, or spit up. It’s only an evil spirit on its way out. However, there may be no
    physical reaction at all.

What can hinder my deliverance?

  • Not doing the homework…preparing the entry points list and then doing the declarations boldly, out loud and
    in faith!
  • Unconfessed sin or ongoing sin that you are trying to hide. You must want your freedom for you!
  • Bottom line: if you do not prepare, do not do the homework and do not want to be free, then it is very unlikely
    that you will be delivered! So, take the time to watch the videos and fill out the other forms. Thank you!

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