Powerful Prayers to Overthrow and Destroy Witchcraft Attacks Against Your Life

Are you dealing with witchcraft attack? This powerful and anointed spiritual warfare prayer manual will help you overthrow and uproot evil witchcraft forces attacking you. Also included, are prayers for protection from the enemy. This powerful deliverance manual has many other prayers to pray against the enemy.

How Christians can deal with witchcraft? Strong prayers for protection against the enemy at work. Maybe you are dealing with a Jezebel at work or at church? Included are prayers for protection against the enemies at work. How about uprooting evil in your neighborhood? There are powerful prayers to pray over and uproot evil in your neighborhood. This manual has strategies for different types of attacks. Maybe there is a witch that is astral projecting into your home? I have effective prayer to close them off from coming into your home.

Maybe you are dealing with either incubus or succubus spirits. These are evil spirit that lies on persons in their sleep; especially one that has sexual intercourse with women or men while they are sleeping, they are known as sex demons. Isn’t it time to find freedom?

Overcoming Witchcraft Attacks


 Overthrowing and Uprooting Evil Witchcraft Forces Prayer Manual

By Traci Morin

Spiritual Warfare Prayer Manual to Defeat the Enemy


Part 1, Page 5: Prayer Declarations and Decrees

  • Pages 6-7: The Power of Declaring the Sanctions of God with preparation steps
  • Pages 9-10: Warfare Declaration Over Yourself

Part 2, Page 11: Occult and New Age Checklist

  • Pages 12-21: House Cleaning Checklist and Prayer
  • Pages 22-23: Symptoms when there is an open door for demonic tormenting spirits (personal or something brought into the home)
  • Pages 24-27: Occult new Age Checklist
  • Pages: 28-30: Generational Curses
  • Pages 31-34: Renunciation of the occult and new age

Part 3, Page 35: Jezebel on The Rise Symptoms, Teachings and Deliverance Prayers

  • Pages 36-38: Symptoms and Personality Traits of Jezebel
  • Page 39: Signs you are under attack by a Jezebel Spirit and Prayer Against Jezebel and Witchcraft Attacks
  • Pages 40-42: Prayers if someone has Jezebel Spirit and wants to get free
  • Pages 43-44: Deliverance from Jezebel Spirit in You

Part 4, Page 45: Understanding and Stopping Satanic Attack

  • Pages 46-55: Under Satanic Attack
  • Pages 56-65: Battle Verses Against Demonic Attack and a Place of Protection in the Lord
  • Pages 66-68: Symptoms Black Magic, Witchcraft, Voodoo Attacks
  • Pages 69-74: Prayers Against Voodoo and Other Forms of Witchcraft
  • Pages 75-79: Repentance for Voodoo Witchcraft Practice – move
  • Pages 80-81: Child dedicated in a Voodoo Ritual
  • Pages 82-85: Breaking Satanic Dedication, Initiations, and Covenants with Satan

Part 5, Page 86: Sexual Sins and Incubus or Succubus Attack

  • Pages 87-90: Why Incubus (woman) Succubus (men) spirits?
  • Page 91: Sexual Addiction Questionnaire
  • Page 92-94: Incubus and Succubus Spirit of Renunciation Prayer
  • Page 95: Who is Asmodeus the Sex Demon?
  • Pages 96-97: Asmodeus Renunciation prayer (if married) – extreme sexual addiction
  • Pages 98-100: Asmodeus Renunciation prayer (if single) – extreme sexual addiction
  • Pages 101-102: Bastard curse prayer – what comes in?
  • Page 103: Abortion Renunciation Prayer
  • Page 104-105: Sexual Abuse Renunciation Prayer

Part 6, Page 107: Other Areas of Specific Prayers

  • Pages 108-109: Street or Prescription Drugs is Sorcery
  • Pages 110-114: Addictions to Drugs and Alcohol Renunciation Prayer
  • Pages 115-117: Symptoms of Kundalini Spirit
  • Pages 118-122: Repentance for Yoga and Other Meditation Techniques and Manifestation of the Kundalini Awakening
  • Pages 123-126: Prayers of Renunciation Against Freemasonry
  • Pages 127-129: Astral Projection Renunciation Prayer
  • Page 130: Stop Astral Projection in your home
  • Pages 131-132: Financial Curse Repentance Prayer

Part 7, Page 133: Praying for Nation, City, Neighborhood

  • Pages 134-135: How Witchcraft Operates
  • Page 136-137: Victory Over Witchcraft in Your Office
  • Page 138-141: Restoration of Our Nation, Cities, Churches, etc.
  • Pages 142-145: Neighborhood Prayer Walk to Root Out Evil and Bring Revival
  • Page 146-147: Prayers for our President and Leaders in Authority Over our Cities

Part 8: List of Other Deliverance Ministries

  • List of Deliverance Ministries