Divination and devine
Divination on the other hand is an occultic counterfeit of the gift of the Holy Spirit, evil infiltrating many churches, drives to tell what it knows, speaks as an oracle, a “Knowing One,” out of a need for personal recognition, pushy, controlling plays Holy Spirit to everyone around him, creates an atmosphere of spirituality but brings division through counsel against counsel, tries to position self in a role of authority usurps control of Bible studies, prayer groups and churches, cops attitude if left out of anything, becomes angry when not obeyed and tries so hard to be godly, but they actually try to make something happen for God.

The enemy, we know, conterfeits the work of God. Divination is the act or art of foretelling futre events through an occultic spirit. Prophesy comes by devine inspiration to reveal the will of God or a message from Him and it is to edify and exhort. Also, I believe the scripture you’re referring to is Gen. 42:23….”And they know not that Joseph understood them; for he spake unto them by an interpreter.” I really love how Pastor Henry exhorts us all to be Berean….study the Word for ourselves.

I love Hebrews 5:13 & 14 Also, I believe that ventriliquism is deception, trickery and works of darknesss… not of God because….He is Truth and Light.