Deaf and Dumb Spirit
Mark 9:14-29 is one of the places we find this spirit talked about and discribed.

The Dake Bible indentifies 10 specific things that is manisfested through this spirit. 1-Dumbness (vs18,25) 2-Deafness (vs25) 3-Foaming at the mouth (vs 18,20) 4-Fits (vs 18,20,26) 5-Gnashing of teeth (vs 18) 6- Pining away, lifelessness, comlete exhaustion (vs 18,26) 7-Prostrations (vs 20)
8-Suicidal tendencies (vs 22) 9-Screaming (vs 26) 10- Lunacy, insanity
( Mt.17:15). Also, blindness is an aspect found in Mat.12:22. It’s also interesting to me that in Mark 9:24 the father of the child cried out and with tears and said “…Lord, I believe; help thou mine unbelief.” And in verse 27, Jesus “took the boy by the hand and lifted him up and he arose”.
As I was being delivered of this spirit, I too had to be helped up as I had fallen with heavy prostration and pinning away along with other manifistations.