My Dad Victim of Crimes against elderly

My dad has been taken by a lady who is involved in crime by ripping them off financially. He has emptied out 4 checking accounts. He has recently given her another $16,000 for surgery but there is no scar. I believe he has told her about the life insurance. Last year the almost married because she told him she was inheriting over a million dollars. She said she could not get her social security and convinced him to marry her. He almost did and was not going to tell anyone.

He got sick with cancer and could not get together with her. She keeps coming over. She comes over in a supposedly cab (he pays for), and when she leaves, will not allow him to walk her to the car. There are others involved. They even knew when my dad was in the hospital. So, they must be watching him. She goes by the name, Brenda. She lives somewhere in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Elderly Sweetheart Crime

If you have seen this woman or know where she lives, please contact me at Thank you.