Exposing Automatic Writing

Automatic writing is a spiritualistic term used to describe phenomena occurring in seances when a writer is said to be controlled by the spirit of a dead person. The writing may occur in a trance, in sleepwalking, in a waking condition influenced by suggestion, or under abnormal nervous conditions.A
This form of writing was formerly used as a means of divination. Modern spiritualists have used the planchette and Ouija board as instruments. Mirrored or reversed writing reads from a reflection.

Inspired spiritualistic literature, written automatically, was abundant in the mid-19th century. As proof of supernatural manifestations, automatic writing has been discredited by most persons, but it has been used in psychological and psychoanalytical experiments to explore subconscious memories and the mental and emotional processes in abnormal persons.

The graphologist is the one who attempts to tell character by hand writing. The graphologist claims to to make precise distinctions as to sex, age, profession, nationality, state of health, and nature of any physical or mental disability or disease.