Asmodeus Destroyer of Men – Lust Demon

You may have Asmodeus spirit destroyer of men if you have a sex addiction. Who is Asmodeus and Why Deliverance From Asmodeus Spirit?

Asmodeus comes from Persian mythology. He is the queen of lust. Also known as Abaddon, Apollyon, nd Beelzebub (Satan). Asmodeus Spirit is a sexual unclean spirit and destroyer spirit of death.

He is three heads, those of an ogre, a ram, and a bull, all sexually licentious creatures; having the feet of a cock, another sexually aggressive creature; and having wings and the tail of a serpent. He rides on a dragon and breathes fire.

Asmodeus is a chief astrologer of hell and oversees the gambling houses in hell. He is a very busy Demon. Asmodeus is a Day Demon, he is among the legions of AMAYON and rules 72 legions of spirits Asmodeus carries the title “King of the Demons”,

He teaches the arts of astronomy, arithmetic, geomancy and craftsmanship. Asmodeus answers all questions and he discovers and guards treasures.

Asmodeus was of the order of Seraphim and he carries the title “King of the Demons.” He governs the many realms of pleasure.

Jesus said, “But I say unto you, That whosoever shall put away his wife, saving for the cause of fornication, causeth her to commit adultery: and whosoever shall marry her that is divorced committeth adultery,” (Matt 5:32).

The Bible says, “keep thyself pure from sins,” (I Tim. 5:22). Also see, “Flee youthful lusts; lovers of pleasure more than God; lead captive silly women with divers lusts.”

King Solomon had a problem with Asmodeus demon. King Solomon died early in life. He had a concubine of thousands of women.

Some people summons him into themselves, you become infernal agents blamed for the obscene sexual possession of the lovers. You will end up have a very big sexual appetite seducing many women and never satisfied.

I ministered to a person who summons this spirit. Not only was he unfaithful to his wife, but he was involved in sexual orgies. This demon, when he would try to get free, would cause him to get drunk. When he got drunk, his behavior was evil. The spirits would take over and say it wanted to destroy him.

This demon wants to break the morals of both partners in a marriage. He is responsible for jealousy and uses it as a tool to promote adultery within the marriage. He is set up to destroy the Holiness of God in your life. Defile marriage. Asmodee encourages homosexuality as another means to destroy the institution of marriage.

This marriage-breaking spirit will cause a person to go towards homosexual or lesbian tendencies.

Questionnaire: Read through each of these statements and rate yourself using a score between 1 and 5.

1 = Never
2 = Seldom
3 = Usually
4 = Often
5 = Always

To determine your score, rate yourself on each statement below. List your scores, then add them and divide the total be the number of statements – for example: if your total is 60, then your score will be 60/19 = 3.15

Symptoms of these Spirits if you deal with more than three:

  1. I experience intense feelings of lust
  2. I have been, or am, involved in sexual sins
  3. I have considered divorce
  4. I am or would like to be, intimate with members of the same sex
  5. I experience sexual dreams
  6. I am against marriage
  7. Sex outside of marriage is ok
  8. I have a problem controlling my desires
  9. I have been involved in prostitution
  10. I have a gambling problem
  11. Addictions are a problem in my family lineage
  12. Sex equals love
  13. Sex with someone other than my marriage partner is acceptable
  14. I masturbate
  15. Sex with children is acceptable
  16. I looked at pornographic material
  17. I have participated in seual orgies
  18. I am driven by sex
  19. I have been born in the wrong sexual body
  20. Wome: I am frigid; Men: my wife is frigid
  21. Anal sex is acceptable
  22. Sex with animals is acceptable

If your score is between 1 to 2 – this is not the main area in which Satan and his demons have attacked you.

If your score is between 3 and 5 – Satan and his demons have successfully attacked you in this area. You need deliverance.

How does someone get this spirit

Summoning this spirit into your life.

Any type of sex outside of marriage can open the door. They come in through the eyes, ears, pornography, participation and inheritance.  They also lodge in the sex organs, prostate gland, intestines, kidneys, liver, rectum, breasts, and buttocks. Some were even discovered in the roots of the public hairs. Oral sex demons lodge in the lips, tongue, taste buds, throat.

Where Asmodeus is Prevalent

In America through our pornography industry. Hollywood pushes it and opens the door through movies and tv shows. He is the demon responsible for spirit husbands and wives in Africa (water spirits). The head of all water spirits, Marine, is half women and half fish. Another ruler of the water spirit is Leviathan. This is the same Leviathan who started the original rebellion with Belial.

Break the soul ties with partners

Lust spirits can lodge sex organs, prostrate gland, intestines, kidneys, liver, rectum, breasts, and buttocks. Some were even discovered in the roots of the public hairs. Oral sex demons lodge in the lips, tongue, taste buds, throat, genitals, the base of the brain, at the junction of the central nervous system and the spinal cord.