Accident Prone, trauma from car wrecks, etc.

In looking at the possible spiritual root issues of Frequent Accidents/Injuries/ and other Traumas, there would be Spirits of: self-sabotage, self retaliation and other self bitterness spirits; victim spirits; spirit of fear, anxiety and stress; possible occultism (Freemasonry); death, hell and destruction spirits; break the generational curse.

The person will need to deal with any unforgiveness before the spirit will leave or stay gone until the spirit of unforgiveness is dealt with. Then, you can deal with self-sabotage, self-retaliation, self-bitterness, victim spirits that come out of Unloving spirits and then the spirit of fear (fear, anxiety and stress) then occultic spirits that come out of freemasonry and death, hell and destruction spirits.

If any Germanic nationality in bloodline, Renouncing the spirits over German ancestry because historic spirit of murder in the Germanic nation against the Jews?

Then, after that, minister to the open door of the accident and break off fear that came in through the trauma of the car accident and break shock which is fear coming in through trauma..
Pray for God’s healing and speak restoration and healing to her spine, the discs and nerves etc., especially for the pinch nerve for her body to line up to the word of God in John 1:1.

If your daughter doesn’t have frequent accidents like car wrecks, etc. then just ministers healing over her by breaking off the fear that came through the trauma of the car wreck and speak healing over her body. I’m sure that is a generational curse running in your family.

Also break the power of the programming in the mind (memes) created by the accidents. Renew the mind with God’s Word. Tell her not to entertain the accident in her mind over and over. Because every time she does and relives it can retraumatize her emotions. So, she will need to keep that door closed.