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The Touch of God International Ministries is a Christ-centered, ecumenical, and non-profit organization dedicated to pray healing prayers to bringing freedom and wholeness to the wounded, sick, and oppressed according to Luke 4:18.

Our God is a healing God who heals people just like Jesus did. We have people receiving healing from every sort of disease, bondage, mindset, and trauma. God does heal today, and he can heal you physically. He also heals our souls and our spirits.

How do you know you might need healing prayer session?

  • Are you experiencing physical disease in your body?
  • Have you suffered from an injury and suffering?
  • Do you have habits or thought patterns that control you?
  • You've been hurt by others and suffer from unforgiveness or bitterness towards others?
  • Have you experienced emotional wounding in your life

The Touch of God Ministries help set the captives free from demonic curses:

  • - breaking generational curses
  • - break free from bondage of sin
  • - healing the broken heart
  • - breaking emotional torment
  • - freedom from distress and anxiety
  • - recovering from illness
  • - breaking financial curses
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Become Part of a Healing Ministry Team

Become Part of a Healing Ministry Team

Classes offered to those who are called to minister to the broken hearted and desire to set the captives free from demonic spirits or from diseases. You will learn how to effectively minister. Learn more.

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Personal Healing Ministry Appointment

Personal Healing Ministry Appointment

Do you need personal healing ministry session? We do ministry through zoom webinar or in person. Learn more.

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Christian Inspirational Speaker

Christian Inspirational Speaker

After you hear Traci’s story, your members will leave feeling inspired, and motivated with hope to face difficult situations. As the scripture says, “All things are possible with God.”

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Overcoming Adversity to a Victorious Life Program


The Overcoming Adversity Program includes the following:

  • daily affirmation several times a week,
  • journaling prompts,
  • monthly LIVE classroom Q&A
  • Private Facebook Group with videos
  • Access to many videos to watch on your own time to help you overcome adversities
  • Connect with our anointed women of God prayer warriors

Overcoming Adversity to a Victorious Life Video

Level 1
Level 2
Level 3 

Other Healing, Deliverance, Prayer Ministry Sessions:

 Join us every Tuesday Night at 10:00 p.m. for Prayer and Intercession prayers on Facebook Group.
 Join us on Facebook for Miracle Healing Service Online. First Sunday of Each Month.

About Us: Touch of God International Ministries is a non-profit ministry based outside of Dallas in Grapevine, Texas. We offer a ministry of healing and deliverance, teaching, and training from a Christian perspective of God's Word. The heart of our approach is expressed by Mark 16:15-18. Through gaining a deeper understanding of Christ's life given for us, and Christ's life lived through us, the spiritual source of our problems (spiritual roots) that can be addressed through ministry doing how Jesus ministered on earth. We invite you to connect with us if you're looking for Christ-centered teaching, training or ministry.