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Anxiety Stealing Everything From You!

Your dreams, your time, your energy and even your sleep! Find freedom, peace and true fulfillment that is worth living for! Learn about my 90-day Program! Learn more details

What Would Life Look Like Without Stress and Anxiety!

- silence the inner critic
- stop seeking approval from others
- become your truest self
- peace of mind
- sleep through the night and wake up refreshed
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Transform Anxious Women to a Victorious Life - Under Construction

12-Week program Breaking Free from Anxiety

Struggle to Get Out of Bed

Transform the anxious professional Christian women 30+ conquer anxiety and stress due to work-life balance and performance to a victorious life of peace, confidence, and genuine power through Jesus Christ.

Peace    |     Energy    |   Refreshed

Anxiety Statistics Since COVID-19 with Men and Women


Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are experiencing economic recession that have negatively affected many people’s mental health and created new barriers for people already suffering from anxiety, depression, and stress.

I Have a Proven Solution To Your Pain...

The Pain of Anxiety
  • Anxiety interfering with your performance at work and lost your confidence,
  • Sitting up in bed at two, three, four a.m. in the morning, obsessing about the tiniest of details and role-playing different situations or scenarios in your head,
  • Suffering from imposter syndrome,
  • You wake up exhausted, sick to your stomach, stress, depressed about going into the office or everyday life!

Would it be worth to you if you could finally …

Anxiety Uninstalling
  • Feel good internally,
  • Stop downing and doubting yourself,
  • Know your worth and your importance and role in the big picture,
  • Have a good night sleep ready to conquer the day,
  • No more anxiety, stress, or depression!

Need Help to Overcome Anxiety and Stress? Try my 90-Day Program and overcome anxiety and experience freedom, confidence, and peace of mind again to fulfill your destiny!

Merry Go Round in motion blur

Learn more about the 90-day Program.

Giving away Free eBooks on Anxiety and Prayers for Children for the month August.  Sign the form and you can download the books!

Free Anxiety ebooks

I am writing a book / workbook on anxiety and looking for people to get feedback, especially those who suffer from anxiety who live in North America. Once my book is published, and to say thank you for the feedback, I want to give you my book when published.

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Anxious Women Victorious Community

Anxious Women Victorious Community of Women

A Monthly Membership Community of Women Growing Together to Overcome Anxiety, Stress, and Depression to find peace, confident, and purpose in Christ.

Learn more about our Overcome Adversity Community Support Monthly Subscription!

Those who go through my 90-day program will have access for 90 days then options to become a founding member.

Learn The Importance of Renewing Your Mind

You Can Rule Your Emotions or It Can Rule You

We are in a battle between worry and peace. The Word of God says to take captive our thoughts. Don’t you think it is time to implement God’s Word and take captive negative thoughts? You will find freedom and peace not allowing negative thoughts to rule your life.

It's Time to Take Action and Get Your Life Back!


Kathy Johnson


After attending one of her conferences, God healed me of anxiety and panic attacks, chronic pain, reacting to my environment, addictions to pain pills, and from cloudy thinking, bad memory, confusion,  and depression. I got my life back and returned to work with peace of mind.

Cynthia Slaboda


After attending her webinar, I was delivered from anxiety and panic attacks and years of insomnia. I took prescription drugs to help me to sleep. Now I sleep like a baby without prescription drugs. Not only that, but my marriage restored.

Lucinda Clinson


I attended the one-on-one webinars and was set free. I learned about my open door, and God healed me of my fears. I  never could sleep a full night. When I accepted His unconditional, I felt his love for the first time. I wake up in the mornings calm and feeling His peace. I am now at peace with myself and can go to work not driven to perform to get acceptance.

We can make a smile

We are proud to offer you a proven step-by-step 12-week program to help you by uninstalling anxiety. Experience transformation and get your smile back!

3 Steps to Let Go and Give Your Anxieties to God

Identify Process

  • Proven Teaching Resources Based on Biblical Principles and Christian Faith to Help Identify Goals

Resources to succeed

  • Resources such as workbook, journal sheets, access to the virtual room for video teachings.

Overcoming Anxious Thoughts

  • Techniques that are biblically and scientifically tested and proven-effective to beat anxiety.

The Transformational Coaching Program

Two Choices

Choice One:  A 12-week 1:1 Personal Ministry Sessions  Each week we will meet for a 60-minute session.

Choice Two: A 12-week group ministry sessions. Each week we will also meet for a 60-minute session.

All sessions are done through Zoom. Homework is required.

My program includes: 1. my book, 2. workbook, 3. teachings and deliverance prayer ministry, and 4. access to the *Overcoming Adversity to a Victorious Life Community Support Group room during the 3-months.

*After three months, you have a choice of staying with the Life Community Support Group for a monthly fee.

My goal is to help you overcome anxiety and more dependent on the Lord

We are passionate, highly proven program that delivers personalized care to help you optimize your health and wellness by overcoming anxiety, phobias, fears, and depression.

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Anxiety Statistics Since COVID-19

During the COVID-19 pandemic, and economic recession affects negatively impacting jobs, and...


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